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Your business is your main focus,  
and yet you also have to make sure
its online presence is strong and effective.
Don’t worry, you can take a step back and relax, we’ll take it from here.
We know how to look at your physical business
and its current online representation,
and take it to the next level. Branding,
development and promotion- we got it all covered for you.

Assessment // Market research & Targeting // Action Plan


Having a great look and feel
is an important part of business nowadays.
But branding is not only about designing elements,
it’s about creating a whole ‘feel’ for your business,
a way for your customer to connect with you and recognize you,
a language in which you can communicate with your audience and enhance their user experience

Logo design // web design // marketing materials


Your website is the face of your business.
Your goal is to make the customer feel
about your product/service the way you feel about it.
In order to make that happen
you have to take a few factors into account.
Good design and UX are essential for any type of website.
We will make sure your website/shop will have the right flow for engaging potential audience and help you fulfill your goals

Responsive websites // online shops // landing pages // content editing // blogs


Nowadays, having a strong presence on social media networks
such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest is a must.
You have to choose the right channels,
manage them simultaneously and decide on the right content.
We will make sure you choose the right strategy
and take care of your social online presence
which will promote your business
and help it reach bigger audiences.

Social channels design and management // engagement plan // social campaigns // content creation


Your content represents your brand.
It’s no secret that people are visual beings,
and are more willing to engage
with visual content on social media.
Here at Mintiki, we know how to create unique visual content
that stands out,
suitable for all types of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

Content creation // text // images // videos // business photoshoot


We specialize in choosing the right channels
which will give you optimal results
and grow your exposure to potential audience.
We will help you find the promotion strategy
which suits your business best,
create digital campaigns (Facebook, Google, Pinterest etc.)
and optimize your site for search engines (SEO).
We also spcialize in paid non-paid promotion.

SEO // organic promotion // digital campaigns // monthly reports


You are most likely reading this on your phone.
Mobile phones and apps have a huge importance
and cannot be ignored.
Your service/product must be presented
perfectly on mobile devices in order to provide
good UX, encourage better conversion rate
and even your SEO is affected by it.
Don’t neglect it!

Responsive sites // mobile apps


Do you already have a website?
Web developer? Social media manager?
Want to make sure you’re going the right direction?
We would love to take a look at your current
online presence and advise you
on its effectiveness, create reports, help you define your goals and decide on the right strategy to help your business grow.

Assessment // reports // strategy

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